pic ASEAN Trade Promotion Association

            ASEAN Trade Promotion Association was found in the year 2011, in accordance with AEC policy. It is supported by many leading politician, scholar, investor and entrepreneur. Its main objectives are driving and improving the commerce and investment of ASEAN and promoting cultural exchange. Before the association was found, a group of visitors of Chinese governmental authorities had visited Thailand and toured various businesses in the country. That incident strengthened and deepened the relationship between Thailand and China after the implementation of ASEAN Free Trade Area policy.    ASEAN Trade Promotion Association is actively promoting the commerce, investment and collaboration between investors and entrepreneur in ASEAN. The association’s main activity is being the middleman who collaborate Thai and ASEAN businessman who wish to venture into China; and acting as a representative to procure the required resource for Chinese investor who want to venture into Thailand. The association had successfully drove various collaboration and cooperation on commerce and investment between ASEAN – China – Thailand; and promotes various collaboration for economy development.

            After it first anniversary, ASEAN Trade Promotion Association has more than one hundred members, among them, there are entrepreneurs of various sectors, for examples, food, media, light industry, commerce and investment, logistic, legal, education institute and etc. The association had held various seminars that educated participants on information about investment and services, cooperation between various organizations. The association is actively in collaboration with various organizations, for examples, Chinese governmental authority, CCPIT, other associations, Brunei Chamber of Commerce, Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, Lao Chamber of Commerce, Malaysia Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce, Philippine Chamber of Commerce, Myanmar Chamber of Commerce, Singapore Chamber of Commerce and etc.

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